November 7, 2012

Wheelin in the Country

On the Sunday before Halloween we went to Wheelin in the Country in Summertown, TN.
It isn't too far of a drive for a good place to ride trails.  
I have NEVER in my life seen a place so busy.  The sheer number of people
and off road vehicles was amazing.  
We met some friends there and rode the trails.  

 We stayed up too late the night before so I was tired.  Russel did all the driving.  He was my chauffeur for the day.  Dave took his 4 wheeler and hauled our RZR there. 

Our day was pretty uneventful - just good riding - until we got a LITTLE stuck in a mud hole.  
Russel was trying to go around the edge and we just slipped on down in.  
Notice Russel is still in the RZR braving the muddy water that was up to almost the seat level on his side.  
I got out promptly - to protect my camera  - yeah right.  I didn't want to be muddy and wet the rest of the day. 
Missy came to the rescue with her newly installed winch.  Lonnie worked the winch and got it hooked up. I took pictures. Aaron supervised.  We are a well oiled machine.   

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