November 1, 2012


To my awesome friend DR Kristie Guffey!

Yep - You head me right.  My friend Kristie has defended her thesis and is now a Dr - not an MD Dr - so don't be going to her with your boo-boos but Dr, Professor, or just plain awesome Kristie Guffey.  
She has been working hard for this for a long time and I am so very proud of her and her dedication.  

So we went to Flemings for supper last week

 Then when I told the waiter to make sure he didn't fling my lobster tail across the restaurant because we were celebrating. He asked what for - Kristie said because of our birthdays (we were a little late celebrating this year) and I said because she was now a Dr.  So because it was our birthday he brought us each a celebration treat which was four super delicious truffles and a $25.00 gift card each to come back before the end of November.  Fleming's treated us birthday girls right! 

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