May 30, 2012

Sam's Club recipes

I am a Sam's club member.  I pick up all our work supplies there about every 6 weeks.  I love to go and look around and buy some things that we need in bulk.  I always see the food stations where they are preparing different products for you to try but I didn't know until today that they actually have recipes on their website.  YES recipes!  I love new recipes but Russel might tell you that I get a new recipe and then never make it.  
Well Russel loves corn and next time he is home I am actually going to MAKE corn on the cob by the recipe I found on Sam's website.  

HUH???  A recipe for corn on the cob???
Yep that is right.  I always just boil corn in water and salt and then roll it in the butter dish.  This recipe uses a mixture of water, milk and sugar/honey to keep the sweetness of your corn. Sound pretty yummy to me.  
I haven't gotten to look through all of the recipes but there were quite a few that looked delish.  
Here is the link to the main recipe website.  Let me know if you find a recipe that you think is outstanding.  

Glass of sweet ice tea

Lots of people have vices - alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, greasy food - for me it's sweet tea.
I know - I am a BAD mamma jamma.   
At home I only make Lipton decaff Splenda tea which I love but some days I want the "hard core" stuff so I go to Chick-fil-a or Wendy's and today Chick-fil-a did not disappoint.

Of course the chicken biscuit that accompanied my tea didn't hurt their cause but I can always down a glass of well made sweet tea.  This cup will be sipped on through the day - and will possibly keep me up all night- but it is my vice and I can only think that my vices could be worse.  

I hope that you are enjoying your short week of work.  

May 25, 2012

You get a line - I'll get a pole

We'll go down to the fishing hole....
For our Thursday afternoon outing Elizabeth and I dug worms and went fishing.  
The first pond that we went to probably doesn't have a fish left in it.  We let our lines stay wet for a good twenty minutes and didn't even get the least bit of a hit. So we moved on.  
To the next pond we traveled and went through a blue dozen gates to get to the pond but it was worth the effort.  

This is one of the MANY tiny fish we caught.  We kept on and kept on catching these little fish until we had decided that we had caught the same 2 fish 5 times.  So we decided to start keeping them just to see.  And we weren't catching the same fish - after the first 10 or so that we didn't keep we started filling up our bucket.  
At about 8:30 when it was too dark to see and a picture wouldn't come out on my phone for anything we decided to dump our fish on the tail gate and count. 
1 fish 
2 fish 
3 fish 
26 fish that we had in the bucket.  Most the size that E is holding but a couple smaller and a couple bigger.  
I don't think that it mattered that we weren't catching big fish but that we were actually catching something.  

May 23, 2012

Garden Time

I have bronchitis but the sweet potatoes needed to be planted about a month or more ago.
So my sweet oldest niece Elizabeth that is staying the week in White House helped me get the sweet potatoes going.  In the process of cleaning out the tires to mix the new miracle grow in with the old we found a little friend.
I think that he may be the same salamander that I found on the retaining wall a couple weeks ago.  But he has put on some weight....hopefully from eating lots of bugs.  He jumped up out of the dirt as we were digging.  Did you know that I could clear the height of a ten year old?
 Anyways - with lots of help from Elizabeth - we got the sweet potatoes planted.

Then tonight we did some more planting - in the garden.  Corn and tomatoes.  And I think Russel and I will put our banana peppers there too.

  Hunter and Tookie watched from the yard.
They aren't much for garden help. :)

May 21, 2012

Mother's day

I hope that all you wonderful ladies out there had a great mother's day. 
Whether you are a new mom, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt or even a pet mom, I still expect that Mother's day should be all about you.

Here I am with two special mom's in my life.  My sister Tracey on the left is the mom to my 2 nieces and 1 nephew who are all so precious to me.  And of course that is our mom in the middle.  She couldn't deny us if she tried - we all have the same cheeks, mouth, and fiery attitude. 
God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.  ~Jewish Proverb

May 14, 2012

Do you do the do?

So I posted before about Blood Donation with the American Red Cross - the question is do I do what I say i do?  I feel like now I can really say that I do. 

I had never signed up on the Red Cross website and couldn't tell you how many times I have given blood since I started doing it way back in college.  When I got my postcard in the mail telling me that it was time for a blood drive at One Nashville Place I got a surprise.  On the post card it says "You are only one donation away from achieving your next gallon benchmark."  WOW!  Really??  I didn't know what to think.  And as I read further I realized that I am approaching my two gallon benchmark which means I have give blood 15 times.  

I am going on Wednesday to give another pint and reach my 2 gallon benchmark.  I had been waffling about whether or not to take the time out of my day to go and reading my postcard gave me the incentive.   
I am 1 donation, a measly hour of my time, away from having possibly helped 90 people with my blood.  And I ask myself how could I not spend that time to help?  A great friend of mine has a blood disease. I think of her every time that I donate.  She regularly has to get get transfusions.  I doubt that we are the same blood type and doubt that she has ever received my blood but I praise whoever it is that gave that blood.  Because every transfusion she gets helps my friend to live a little easier in her life.    

Consider it - if you are healthy - maybe you could give that chance to someone else. 

PS - I went to give blood today - and I have been BANNED for a year.  Apparently Playa Del Carmen is considered a Malaria risk zone so I can't give blood again until May 2013.   That puts my blood donation on hold for a year but I will get my 2 gallon mark - next year.

May 3, 2012

Relax and Unwind

Last month we went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico on vacation.  We had a great trip.  Our resort, Valentin Imperial Maya, was an awesome all inclusive adult only resort.  

We arrived at the airport and were greeted by the Olympus Tours group and carried away to our resort.  They set up all our day trips and Russel's dive trips.  It's a great way to spend vacation - with no worries. 

On our day trip with Adventuras Maya we visited Tulum (mayan ruins), snorkeled the cenotes, Ziplined, and repelled - well Russel repelled and I watched.  The water at the cenotes was invigorating to say the least but a welcome change after a very warm morning of touring Tulum, climbing the towers to zipline and watching Russel repel.  After snorkeling there was a nice tasty lunch set up for us.   

At the resort we had an ocean front room.  We walked through a small stand of palms right onto the beach. 
The water was clear enough to see our toes and the perfect temperature.

There were two pools at the resort.  A main pool that was huge with two bars and a grill at lunch.  A lazy river pool that was close to our room and nice and quite.  It made for the perfect place to read and relax.  

The resort itself was large and well maintained.  There was a short walk to get to different places on the resort but with all the food we ate it was a good thing.  

Breakfast and lunch were buffet.  Room service was 24 hour.  There was a choice of 7 or 8 a la cart restaurants at night.  We had seafood, steak, sushi, mexican, italian, and much much more.  I ate more while we were gone than I normally eat in a month.  And the desserts were delish!

All in all it was a wonderful vacation.  I wish we were back in Playa laying on the beach and eating fresh fruit....but here we are.  Back to the real world with work and chores and things to get done.  So we'll cherish the memories of our trip and look forward to the next one.  Who knows where and who knows when.   

If you are interested - I have a bunch more pictures - who me?  Tons of pictures?  Never!?!?!?!?! Just ask me.
If you are interested in booking a trip you can contact Paula or Joanie at PR travel.  They book all our trips and we have never been disappointed.