August 28, 2013

Robertson County Fair 2013

If you know me, you know that we live on a family dairy farm.  
My husband and I both work in the city but we still enjoy the farm living.  
Every year we get cows ready to go to the Robertson County Fair.  The nieces and nephews are getting old enough to really be great showmen.  So we took 13 heifers and cows to the fair and we did great.  Here's some pictures from our night at the fair.
 Our bunch at the fair

Old school Robertson County dairy showmen. 
Back in the day we all showed cows at the Robertson County the old barn where we had two nights of shows and stayed the night in between in the barn.  

We washed, we clipped, we showed, we laughed, we made life long friends, 
we had the best of times. 

And now there's a whole new generation on showmen showing at the Robertson County fair.  

There may only be one night of shows but we are in a new barn and we love every minute of showing, making new friends, and visiting with old ones.  

The cows are the stars of the show but these kids do a lot of work too

And the old folks (me included)
 And the great friends (including Cari who so kindly took pictures for me when I couldn't)
 Well we do some work too and it's all worth it. 

And if you are reading this thinking  - her new year's resolution of a tutorial every month - has went down the're right.  Life doesn't always give you the time to do EVERY thing that you want but you have to make time for the stuff that matters most.  I'll get back to soon as this crazy thing called life settles down.  


August 13, 2013

Riffe Family Reunion

At the end of July my husband and I attended his grandmother's family reunion.  
There was a huge crowd there - 71 people!  
The weather was nice and the food was delish.
Here's the pictures for all you Riffe's.  

The whole Family

Myrtle (Russel's Grandmother) with her kids, grand kids, great grand kids and grand dogs that were in attendance.

August 8, 2013

busy afternoon

It's been a busy afternoon.  I started clipping heifers for the Robertson county show and signed Russel and I up for the color run.  SO  there was no apron making today.  Which is probably a good thing because I started trying to read the pattern and only got half of the pieces cut because I was may be a while before you see the completed apron...and I was hoping to get it done in time to put in the fair.  Don't see that happening.

Happy Thursday night everyone. 

August 7, 2013

One step closer

My delightful and sweet friend Kathy over at Kathy's Creative Corner sent me an apron pattern when I first got my sewing machine.  She has been super supportive with my sewing challenges and has given me all sorts of tips as I venture further and further into my sewing journey.  
I have kept the pattern crisp and clean in it's little package.  It sits on my sewing table looking at me...just wanting me to start on it as my next project. 
So I have been on the lookout for the prefect fabric.  
I want my first apron to be beautiful and most of all RIGHT. 
So yesterday as I am scouring through the fabric (what's left of it as our Joann's is moving and EVERYTHING is on clearance) I found THE PERFECT COMBINATION of fabrics for my apron.  

Here it is!  What do you think?  The blue is going to be the main fabric and the yellow will make up the bottom ruffle and ties.  I am very excited to get started so stay tuned for pictures...hopefully sooner than later.