November 9, 2012

Five Years Ago....

Five years ago today I got the call at work that 
my mom had fallen off the top of a load of hay and broke her back.

I don't really recall too many specifics about the week mom was in the hospital.  
I stayed with her almost every night at the hospital and even a few nights after she got home.  
It's scary to think (even at 28 years old) that a parent who has done
for you their whole life couldn't get out of the bed. 
But what good news can you get from a broken back???  
That you can be repaired with surgery.
And she was. 
  She'll probably kill me for putting up this picture but this was on 
Thanksgiving about 3 weeks after "the fall". That is her tortes shell that she had to wear for a while after the surgery.  At first I know every movement was hard and discouraging but with in days of being home, mom was doing on her own.  Strapping on her tortes
shell with no help from us, doing book work, cooking meals.  I remembered thinking dad would kill us both the first day that we ventured to the downstairs (with no help) to get some things that she wanted for upstairs.   

I may not remember all the specifics but I can tell you the important things that I learned:
~ true family and friends are there when you need them ~
I thank God everyday for the people that He puts in our life
~ sometimes motivation has to come from a swift kick in the bum ~
because when you are hurting and wondering whether you'll ever be the same again, the best thing is the cold hard truth that you have to work for it
~ the people you work with become your family ~
because not once did anyone say you need to get back to work - but just to do what I had to do
~ God works miracles ~  
that is just plain and simple

I call my mom every November 9th to wish her a happy anniversary.
Happy? you ask - yes HAPPY because we are all blessed for the way things turned out.  

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