March 26, 2012

St Patricks at the Guffey's house.

Kristie - The hostess with the mostess....preparing the best party food. 

Shepard's Pie - Individual sized.
Jamie grilling the wings while the men banter.

Jamie's Wings - hot on the smoker

Russel and Ben staying close to the food

Jamie and Kristie

Always have to have a picture for next year's card

My sweet - most of the time - husband. :)

Good times - Good food - Good friends. 

Take just a little off the top

We always say we are going to just trim the hedges back but every once in a while you have to let your self get carried away with the trimmers to ensure that the hedges don't take over the house.  
That's what we did this weekend....and it even included a little chain saw work.
The middle bush has already been trimmed some here but the one closest in the picture was one that needed some definite trimming back.

Before on the holly trees.    
During - Russel is working - I am taking pictures and doing clean up. 

Fog Horn - Leg Horn is observing the progress.
After - A little off the top is an understatement.

After  - From the front yard.  I am still loving our red shutters.  
Hunter took a nap in the back seat of the truck while we worked on trees.  He is content anywhere.  
Purple Iris
Dog Wood
 These are just a few pictures of our plants that are already blooming.  Our purple iris started blooming last week.  The hosta was only barley poking out of the ground last Sunday and this week it is huge.  The dog wood is also taking advantage of the warm weather to start flowering. 
I love the look of the house when everything is trimmed, blooming and fresh.    

I also wanted to share that it was a lazy dog/ crazy cat weekend.
Hunter in the bed wrapped up in the comforter. 

Tookie standing on the scale and leaning into the toilet to drink... when she has plenty of fresh clean water in the kitchen.

March 13, 2012

USPS? What's up with this?

I send birthday cards from our office to all our office employees and truck drivers.  I just think it is a kind gesture for people to know that they are remembered on their birthdays.   
Today we recieved this birthday card back in the mail. 
It was sent to FL from Nashville on AUGUST 15, 2011.
It was returned today - MARCH 13, 2012.
It took neraly 7 months for this birthday card to get to FL and be sent back to Nashville as unable to forward.  Really?

I am nearly always amazed at how people several states away get their mail from me next day.....But I guess this will make me think twice about how early I need to send my cards out. :)

March 11, 2012

Wet Paint

Don't you just love the smell of fresh paint?
Nearly seven years ago just before our wedding I decided that I was going to scrape off 20 year old wall paper that was covered in tiny blue flowers and repaint the master bed and bath so we would have a fresh new bedroom to move into.  
That was fine in theory....but removing all that wall paper took longer than I imagined.  
So we picked paint colors and paid someone to paint our room.
Again ....fine in theory.  But when someone else is doing the painting you don't realize you hate a color until it is much too late.  
So our master bath instead of being a beige that I thought we picked out, was more of a salmon pink color.

Fast foward 7 years and I decided to FINALLY repaint this monstrosity.   
Now it's "fleecy" in color and much more appealing to the eyes. 

It seems like several hours of work well spent. 
I did this as my work for the weekend....for my fun this weekend I went to Glasgow to watch Elizabeth play ball and Rachel cheer for the Bulldogs. And for Ethan to just be cute.