June 19, 2012

Just to vent...

Did you know that a backhanded compliment isn't really a compliment at all?
I would hope that unless one is a small child that they would understand that.  

It along, with many numerous things that annoy me, just makes my blood boil.  
The good Book says turn the other cheek and I always try to but some days I just want to ask - are you really that ignorant?  Did your mother teach you to not say anything at all if you couldn't say something nice.  Then I remember that my momma did teach me that so I just shake my head and walk away.  

Examples that I have heard in the last month or so - not necessarily to me.

You're doing a great job but if you had picked a better venue more people would have showed up. 
I love your hair cut.  But isn't that color a little young for you?
You're in great health but someone your age should be taking vitamins. 
It looks great - I can't believe that YOU did that well.  

If more people would think before they spoke life would be so much kinder. 

June 13, 2012


Southwest Airlines is having a fall travel sale!  If you are planning to take a trip between August and November this would be the time to book your flight.  
The sale ends on June 14th so follow the Fall Travel Sale Link and book your trip!  I just booked a short weekend trip to visit my friends the Honeas and the Waggoners in South Carolina.  I can't beat $142.00 for a round trip flight. 
Thanks go out to Kitty for sending me the sale email so I would know to check on flights!

Happy Traveling!

June 11, 2012


If you have ever lived or worked in downtown Nashville you know the trials and tribulations of CMA Fest aka Fan Fair.  There are tons of events throughout the year that roll in the bucks for downtown retail but NONE the likes of Fan Fair.  It is GREAT for downtown retail but if you work downtown in a non retail business...it is the bain of your work week.
So to make it bearable we try to catch at least one free daytime concert, get free samples from the vendors, and this year play CMA Fest Bingo.  
Check out the cards below. 

On Thursday & Friday we found the following: Only some are pictured
   Oxygen Tank On Rolling Rack (actually found 2)

Fellow CMA Bingo Player
T Shirt Cowboy Boots No Pants
Jorts & Crocs in same outfit

Religious Protester

Clown Costume
Shopping Bag from Cotton Eye Joes
Camel toe in cut off jeans
White Trash Karaoke
But he was actually pretty good
Belt Buckle big enough to sleep on (saw lots of these)

I was only BBQ remnants on a white t-shirt from a Bingo. 

Items that we think should be added to next year's bingo card:
Fanny Packs
Shorts so short the pockets hang out
Matching his & hers (or family) shirts
Outrageous Parking Prices
Bumble Bee Outfit 
Geriatric Tramp Stamps (bonus points if using cane)
Bikini tops with no shirts

Bags made into hats 
Your picture in a card board cut out 
Your picture WITH a card board cut out celebrity
And we did find those things:
Top left to bottom right - Geriatric tramp stamp, robot, bag hat, Your picture in a card board cut out, Your picture with a cardboard celebrity cut out, Bikini top no shirt, Shorts so short pockets hang out and BUMBLE BEE outfit.   

Happy Trails to this Year's CMA Fest.  We'll be back playing Bingo the first weekend in June of 2013. 

June 7, 2012


I am by no means an extreme couponer but I am SO happy with my shopping today at Publix.

All you see + a $1.00 children's miracle network donation = $15.91
Oh yeah!
That is:
5 Five pound bags of Pedigree dog food - $.50/ bag
5 Yakisoba Noodle Bowls - free
3 bags Crave cat treats - $.49/ bag
2 Hormel Complete Eats - $.75/ each
2 Nestle drumstick cones - $1.20/ each
1 silk almond milk - free
2 bags tyson grilled and ready chicken - $.99/ each
1 container blueberries - $1.99
1 $1.00 donation to the Children's Miracle Network

As I see it if I take a few minutes a week to clip my coupons and pay attention to the sale adds I can do pretty well....and then I think of all the years that I didn't really use coupons and I cringe.  
I also have to give props to my girl Denise who will tell me if she sees a good sale and I do the same for her.
I am on my way to Kroger's shortly to get the small bottles of ALL laundry detergent for $2.99/ bottle + my $1.00 coupon to get them for $1.99.....
See you later taters