September 19, 2012

LST 325

Russel came to work today at lunch time and we toured the LST 325 ship that is docked at Riverfront Park. 

This ship is really cool to go into.  It is a landing ship tank that delivered tanks, troops and cargo first in World War II.  This ship actually landed on the beach at Normandy.  

The most interesting part of the tour was talking to the 45 crew members that actually sail the ship from place to place.  They know the ins and outs of the boat as well as its history.  There were also lots of former members of the Navy that were touring the ship and hearing their recollections from being on ships like these were amazing.  

The bottom two pictures are from the tank deck.  This is where many of the vehicles were parked but also has side rooms that contained parts, laundry, mechanical shops, and the likes.  Below this level is where the engines were.  You could actually look down through a plexiglass plate to see the engine room.  
The top two pictures are from the bunk room and top deck.  

The LST 325 had several gun mounts and some actual ammunition you could touch and see.  
It was all amazing to look at and walk through.  

I believe the LST 325 is going to be docked in Nashville for tours through middle of next week and will be in Clarksville for a few days after that.  
Here is the link to the site for the LST 325 if you are interested in more information or tours while it is in town.  It is normally docked in Evansville where you can tour it when it is not out on trips so if you live in or are visiting that area then you will have more chances to see it.  

Happy Touring.  

September 14, 2012

Fabric Fanatic

Did you know it is National Sewing Month? 
No?  Neither did I however Jo-ann's is touting it in this month's flier.  
So that means I have to get sewing.  Yes the ad pulled me in and I went and bought fabric.  

The top fabric I am using to make a pillow case cover for a neck roll pillow my MIL gave me. 
The middle fabric is for more owls.  These will be auctioned at our church fall auction and festival. 
The bottom fabric is for a lap quilt that I am also making for our auction.  I will post pictures later once I finish the quilt along with the information for our fall festival. 

Along with all the super cool fabric I will be making owls, pillows and quilts with, I got some outdoor fabric to recover the two seats of the chairs that sit on our back porch.  Several years ago I had gotten some navy fat quarters and recovered these.  They quickly faded and needed replacing but I am just getting to it.  I just pulled the old fabric off and put the new fabric on and stapled it down. It was easy peasy.  I had extra fabric so I also made a little quilt sandwich to go on the table for Mr Frog to sit on.
This was a MUCH needed update as you can see from the first picture with the "blue" fabric on the chair seats.

I love how just a little fabric and staples can give something a whole new updated look.  I just purchased a dry sink that I am going to paint and distress to match the tan and teal in the fabric of the chairs as an addition to our back porch.

Happy crafting peeps! 

September 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend

I had an WONDERFUL birthday weekend.  I only wish Russel had been home to share it with me.
I had my camera with me all weekend and yet took no "real" pictures. My camera has not been feeling the love lately.  I did snap a few with my cell phone - You all will laugh at what I actually took pictures of.
Friday at Lunch time with Mr Peanut in the arcade. 
Going through the car wash on Friday night. 
A balloon Harley at the Hendersonville Flea Market

Sunday night celebrating with Sarah for her birthday - this is the card as I could download it off line.  I don't know why our picture isn't centered. 

Yes  - I know it is sideways but I couldn't get it to turn on here for some reason.  This is the actual picture they took and printed for us....see how we were centered???  Anyways It was a great supper and wonderful celebrating with family. 

I know that is a very odd assortment of pictures for a birthday weekend but what can I say? I am an odd picture type of girl.  
So beyond the weird pictures there are no great pictures of how much fun I actually had!  I spent Saturday morning with aunt Tina and Stephanie going to Hartsville for the Strawberry Patch Barn sale, a trip to the orchard, and lunch.  The barn sale gave us all sorts of great ideas that we hope to one day follow through with.  And of course I got to visit with my good friend Annie from the Farrar Four.  
Saturday afternoon Tina and I made an impromptu stop at the flea market in Hendersonville.  It had so much cool stuff.  That will surely be a place we go again.  The on to an estate sale in White House that was SUPPOSED to be open until 5:00 but that closed at 4:00. :(
On Sunday I went to church, had lunch at Cracker Barrell with my parents and grandparents, tore my kitchen apart looking for a mouse, and had supper at Demos with the Smith part of my family.  Another awesome day.  
The only thing that would have made it better was if the hubby had been home - he makes all my days better.  He makes my heart sing and my soul flutter - which is a gift I get from him every day.  

Thanks to all of my sweet friends and family who sent cards, texts, & emails and even called and sang great birthday renditions for me.  I am truly blessed.       


September 7, 2012

Sorry Peeps - No pictures and no real posts right now.  Russel's laptop went on the fritz so he took mine with him for work and I took his to get fixed. 
I do want to say however that I am having a frustrating day.  It is one of those days when you just want to smack the sense into people.  I have no idea why there are people in this world that assume that they are better than everyone else.  People that expect that they are the say all end all on things that aren't even in their control.  All I can say is God give me patience - I need it.  

Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.