April 30, 2013

Scaredy Dog

Hunter, our boxer, is 7 years old which is geriatric for his breed.
Amazingly enough he has lived that long and storms still frighten him. 
I found him Saturday night after a tornado warning had went off and the thunder & lightening were at their worst under the bed, in his "safe spot", shaking like a leaf and panting like he had run a marathon.  
I pulled him out from under the bed and we went to the bigger "safe spot" of the basement. 
He curled up on my lap on the couch- yes I know he is WAY to large to be a lap dog - and  he started to calm a little. I might interject here that if the wind is blowing hard I go to the basement because I do not like storms and I certainly can't sleep through them.
I went into our downstairs bathroom and he followed me making every step I made....until he saw that the shower door was open.
He walked right into the shower like he did it every day.  And wouldn't come out.

I ended up putting towels on the floor so that he could lay comfortably. 
He ended up staying here for several hours and it may well be his new safe spot.  
The other towel was for me if the tornado siren went off again. 

The things we will do for the sweet animals that comfort us and put a smile on our face on the worst of days.

April 25, 2013

How lucky of a farm girl am I??

To have this view every morning as I leave my house for work.  

I may work in town but I love living on the family farm.
Not many people get to enjoy this kind of scenery everyday. 

April 19, 2013

Giving to a good cause..

Because I wouldn't want to disappoint the children of the burn camp that the Nashville Firemen sponsor.
Seriously though, my cousin Sarah and I went to the Southern Women's Show in Nashville last night.  We stayed around for the "firefighter show" that they have nightly.  
These guys at the Metro Firefighters Local 140 put on a show that has the place hopping all to raise funds for their local charitable organizations.  Some could dance and some couldn't but you have to have a lot of respect for these guys who put it all out there to help raise money....and far be it from me not to donate some money to the cause....and to get this picture. 
So if your out at the Southern Women's Show in Nashville go and enjoy the show for a good cause.  

People in our lives....

I know that God puts people in our lives for a reason.  
I am so thankful for that.
I have the best friends that a girl could ask for. 
I swear that several of them have a brain/ heart connection with me that urges them to call/ email/ text me when I need them most.  
I had a bad morning.  Since the bad morning began I received a random call from one friend and 3 random emails from 3 other friends just when I needed them.  
I can only hope and pray that God gives me that same connection to them to call/ text/ email them when they need me most. 
Enough said.    

April 11, 2013

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

The girls were in town all week last week so Mom, Elizabeth, Rachel and I made a trip Saturday to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.  
We got to the zoo about 10:00 and didn't have a big line to get in.  Good thing we went when we did.  It was crazy busy when we left and there were LINES of traffic on Nolensville road to get in.  

Here's a few pictures:

The girls are always SUCH good sports about letting me yell "stop - let me get a picture" and they always come back with a smile. 
The bottom picture is of the girls and mom having Dippin Dots.  I had already scarfed mine down.  I remember when (WAY BACK IN THE DAY) the only local place to get Dippin Dots was at Opryland...for you kiddos that is OPRYLAND the theme park not Opry Mills the mall. 

The Athletic and Brilliant Nieces

My sweet nieces are getting older, more athletic and more brilliant by the day.  

I have had the honor to attend Basketball games for both Elizabeth and Rachel this year already.  

Elizabeth is a little older and more experienced.  She is playing like a boss.  
That's my girl - on the floor fighting for the ball.

Rachel is playing Bitty Ball at the school and learning the ropes.  
 She's hanging in there, playing hard & hustling.

And both my girls are brilliant as always. 
Elizabeth and her friend Bethany had a science fair project that won at their school. 
They entered it into the regional contest at WKU and won their age group as well as the honor of receiving the only Christopher Shuffitt Creativity Award.    Way to go!
  I couldn't possibly be blessed with two better girls to call my nieces. 

April 2, 2013


My new year resolution of posting one tutorial in each month went out the window in March when I didn't post a thing at all on my blog.  Sorry 'bout that. 

During March we did some birthday celebrating and I wanted to share the pictures.  
I had these cute Orange and Red polka dotted napkins that I wanted to use for a party.  Since we were having two parties within 24 hours I decided to use these napkins as my "theme".  I made a happy birthday banner for the hearth and a mini happy birthday banner for the cake.  I could use them both days!
Publix made the cakes (2 just alike other than the names) for each day and I just added candles and the banner. 
The banners are simply made from scrapbook paper punched out in circles with the letters cut from my cricut. Easy Peasy.

As for the paries:
My Mother In Law turned 60. She was sick the night we had her party but she still came over or the festivities.  It's hard to party with out the birthday girl.  
She got to feeling well enough the next day to eat left over crab legs and cake. 

The next day we celebrated Ethan's birthday (which actually happened in January!) and my mom's birthday which was in March.  

Same theme - Same Cake - Different Names
We had all sorts of good food and yummy cake.  Can't go wrong with cake two days in a row!