August 24, 2012

Just because...

...he's the cutest sweetest doggie in the whole wide world. 

If you don't know, I have a hard time getting great pictures of Hunter ever since that fateful day I took him with me (because Russel wasn't home) to have his picture made for our free Olan Mills 11*14 picture.  Every year the volunteer fire guys come by for donations.  When you make a donation you get a card for a free 11*14 photo when you come get your picture made at the Fire Hall on a certain date.  We always donate and only once had Russel and I went to have our pictures made.  They turned out good and the next year I had the certificate and thought I would get a picture made of Hunter because well - it was free and why not.  I didn't want a picture of me sitting there by myself.  So we got there and Hunter was pretty laid back but I couldn't get him to sit on the white back ground and stay and look in the right direction.  So the photographer lady suggested that I sit with him to get the picture.  I wasn't really prepared for that but hey - once again - free picture.  I sat on the floor with Hunter and got him still and looking in the right direction and POOF! the big flashes went off and you would have thought someone stuck firecrackers up Hunter's rear.  He mowed over me running for safety away from the things that looked STRANGELY like very close lightening.  The picture - that took as the lightening went off actually was pretty good and yes I have an 11*14 of me and my dog - go ahead and get on with the dog/ cat lady jokes.  But now when someone gets out a camera Hunter still tends to shy away - especially if a flash goes off.  I try to be careful and turn my flash off when I take his picture.  So I will occasionally get a good picture of my furry friend but he always has an eye on me and my camera.          

August 20, 2012

It's Fair Time in Tennessee

It is finally that time of year in Tennessee again.  
There are county fairs going on all over the state.  
This week is the Wilson County Fair.
We won't be showing at the Wilson County Fair but I will be out on Thursday night helping to clerk at the Dairy desk.  If you are out and about at the fair come see me.
Next week is the Robertson County Fair.
We will be showing in this fair as we have for years.  I don't ever remember not being at this show.  
When I was young (4-H and FFA age) we showed at about 4 or 5 shows a year.  Now we only have time to go to the one but I still enjoy it just the same.  Tracey's kids are starting to enjoy the showing and we always have at least one calf for each of them to show in showmanship.  Elizabeth really stepped it up last year and showed in several classes.  I am so glad that they are enjoying it as much as I did at that age.  Plus what kid doesn't love a day out of school?

So this year we will be at the Robertson County Fair on Tuesday August 28th.  The show is in the livestock barn and starts at 7:00 pm.  Come visit us!  and for my diary friends - BRING SOME COWS!  We always enjoy having the barn full to capacity.  

August 15, 2012

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

My mother in law and I had talked a couple times about the Zoo at Grassmere and how neither of us had been before.  My father in law was able to get some reduced price tickets through his work so the whole family headed to the Zoo on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day. 
The elephants and giraffes were Debbie's favorite animals.  That is a Red River Boar in the top right hand corner.   

I liked all the animals.  I know they are wild animals but they all looked so cute and cuddly.  I can't imagine getting to cuddle with any of these creatures though.  

The park had a bamboo trail with lots of HUGE bamboo running near the cages.  This stuff would make a great privacy fence.  
In the top right hand corner is a picture I took of Ross taking a picture of Debbie taking a picture of an antelope.  Oh the circle of life. 

Kayleigh went with us to the zoo and I think she had a great time.  

Alligators, Flamingos, and Debbie with all her boys (Ross, Hudson, Ryan and Russel)

Military Tribute

Last Sunday there were State troopers all around the interstate at exit 108.  I kept wondering what they were doing  - is there an escaped convict, are they doing a random dui stop (on Sunday afternoon?), are they closing the interstate, are they just shooting the shit under the interstate bridges - what the crap were they doing.  It didn't take long for me to find out.  As Sunday progressed I started seeing small groups of military trucks, hummers, and haulers going by.  They were headed to Heritage High School just down the road.  It turns out that there was a whole unit (unit, battalion, brigade - I don't know the proper term) that was moving and they were staying the night at the High School.  It was really a pretty cool site to see.  Later on in the evening my dad called.  He said that he had sat in the driveway on the 4 wheeler and waved as some of the groups passed. They were honking and waving back.  Moving at such a slow speed on the interstate I seriously doubt that smiles and waves were the kind of hand gestures that they may have been getting all day.  Dad wanted to do something to salute them the next day so we rigged the American flag to the front end loader on the tractor right up by the road.  It was perfect.
I got out of the house in time Monday morning to take some pictures before coming to work.  About 500 troops stayed at the High School and they were making their way back to I65 North all day Monday. 

August 14, 2012


Just call me slacker - I know it has been nearly a month since my last post.  We went to the Zoo on Saturday and I am going to post some of those pictures soon.  I am just so not into being on the internet away from work right now.  :)  Talk to you all soon.