November 7, 2012

Sweet Potatoes

Every year around the end of December, Russel sticks a sweet potato 
in a glass of water in our kitchen window.  As sprouts start to come off the potato 
we pull them off and put them in another glass to start growing roots.  
Then come April 15th we plant the sprouted potato vines into three stacked
up tires that are filled with dirt and manure.   
 Then just before the first frost, we dig (push over) our potatoes.  
We usually get quite a haul as we did this year.  But this year we also
grew one BIG DADDY potato.  The one I am holding is ONE potato
and it weighed 4 lbs all by itself.  Can't wait to slice this bad boy up and make
some tasty sweet potato fries (for 10 people with a potato this big)
Also this year is one more new addition.  Elizabeth and I had a first encounter with this 
little lizard when we were planting the potatoes in the spring.  I figured he 
would be gone by harvest time but said knowing my luck he would run across
my hand and scare me to death...lo and behold that WAS his plan.  But 
Russel convinced me that he wouldn't bite me so I picked him up to 
play with was pretty chilly out side since we obviously dig potatoes in the
dark and he was pretty slow moving.  Cute little thing once I knew he wouldn't
bite me.  We put him back in our mound of dirt to bury in for the cold night.  
Then we hauled all our potatoes in for the fall.  

Happy potato eating! 


  1. Is it really that easy to grow sweet potatoes?!?!?!?! I might have to try this when we move! Easton LOVES him some sweet potatoes!!!!!

    1. It really is that easy. We started with sprouts from a potato that I got at the store the first year. Then we have used a potato from our "harvest" every year after that to get the sprouts. It is truly easy and doesn't really take up much space. If it doesn't rain much you do have to water it and we sprinkled 7 dust on the plant itself to keep the bugs off but that is it. Easy Peasy.