May 30, 2012

Sam's Club recipes

I am a Sam's club member.  I pick up all our work supplies there about every 6 weeks.  I love to go and look around and buy some things that we need in bulk.  I always see the food stations where they are preparing different products for you to try but I didn't know until today that they actually have recipes on their website.  YES recipes!  I love new recipes but Russel might tell you that I get a new recipe and then never make it.  
Well Russel loves corn and next time he is home I am actually going to MAKE corn on the cob by the recipe I found on Sam's website.  

HUH???  A recipe for corn on the cob???
Yep that is right.  I always just boil corn in water and salt and then roll it in the butter dish.  This recipe uses a mixture of water, milk and sugar/honey to keep the sweetness of your corn. Sound pretty yummy to me.  
I haven't gotten to look through all of the recipes but there were quite a few that looked delish.  
Here is the link to the main recipe website.  Let me know if you find a recipe that you think is outstanding.  

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