May 21, 2012

Mother's day

I hope that all you wonderful ladies out there had a great mother's day. 
Whether you are a new mom, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt or even a pet mom, I still expect that Mother's day should be all about you.

Here I am with two special mom's in my life.  My sister Tracey on the left is the mom to my 2 nieces and 1 nephew who are all so precious to me.  And of course that is our mom in the middle.  She couldn't deny us if she tried - we all have the same cheeks, mouth, and fiery attitude. 
God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.  ~Jewish Proverb


  1. TRIPLETS!!!!! OH MY WORD! I never realized it till this picture! Beautiful girls!!!!!!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  2. Russel and Brad say Tracey and I look more alike all the time. When you put us all three together you really can see it. :)