May 30, 2012

Glass of sweet ice tea

Lots of people have vices - alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, greasy food - for me it's sweet tea.
I know - I am a BAD mamma jamma.   
At home I only make Lipton decaff Splenda tea which I love but some days I want the "hard core" stuff so I go to Chick-fil-a or Wendy's and today Chick-fil-a did not disappoint.

Of course the chicken biscuit that accompanied my tea didn't hurt their cause but I can always down a glass of well made sweet tea.  This cup will be sipped on through the day - and will possibly keep me up all night- but it is my vice and I can only think that my vices could be worse.  

I hope that you are enjoying your short week of work.  

1 comment:

  1. ME TOO SISTA! I have a LARGE SWEET TEA from sonic on my desk EVERY DAY! YEP. EVERY DAY. I keep thinking I"ll start going half and half...but naah...I need the real stuff!