May 23, 2012

Garden Time

I have bronchitis but the sweet potatoes needed to be planted about a month or more ago.
So my sweet oldest niece Elizabeth that is staying the week in White House helped me get the sweet potatoes going.  In the process of cleaning out the tires to mix the new miracle grow in with the old we found a little friend.
I think that he may be the same salamander that I found on the retaining wall a couple weeks ago.  But he has put on some weight....hopefully from eating lots of bugs.  He jumped up out of the dirt as we were digging.  Did you know that I could clear the height of a ten year old?
 Anyways - with lots of help from Elizabeth - we got the sweet potatoes planted.

Then tonight we did some more planting - in the garden.  Corn and tomatoes.  And I think Russel and I will put our banana peppers there too.

  Hunter and Tookie watched from the yard.
They aren't much for garden help. :)

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