May 14, 2012

Do you do the do?

So I posted before about Blood Donation with the American Red Cross - the question is do I do what I say i do?  I feel like now I can really say that I do. 

I had never signed up on the Red Cross website and couldn't tell you how many times I have given blood since I started doing it way back in college.  When I got my postcard in the mail telling me that it was time for a blood drive at One Nashville Place I got a surprise.  On the post card it says "You are only one donation away from achieving your next gallon benchmark."  WOW!  Really??  I didn't know what to think.  And as I read further I realized that I am approaching my two gallon benchmark which means I have give blood 15 times.  

I am going on Wednesday to give another pint and reach my 2 gallon benchmark.  I had been waffling about whether or not to take the time out of my day to go and reading my postcard gave me the incentive.   
I am 1 donation, a measly hour of my time, away from having possibly helped 90 people with my blood.  And I ask myself how could I not spend that time to help?  A great friend of mine has a blood disease. I think of her every time that I donate.  She regularly has to get get transfusions.  I doubt that we are the same blood type and doubt that she has ever received my blood but I praise whoever it is that gave that blood.  Because every transfusion she gets helps my friend to live a little easier in her life.    

Consider it - if you are healthy - maybe you could give that chance to someone else. 

PS - I went to give blood today - and I have been BANNED for a year.  Apparently Playa Del Carmen is considered a Malaria risk zone so I can't give blood again until May 2013.   That puts my blood donation on hold for a year but I will get my 2 gallon mark - next year.

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