May 25, 2012

You get a line - I'll get a pole

We'll go down to the fishing hole....
For our Thursday afternoon outing Elizabeth and I dug worms and went fishing.  
The first pond that we went to probably doesn't have a fish left in it.  We let our lines stay wet for a good twenty minutes and didn't even get the least bit of a hit. So we moved on.  
To the next pond we traveled and went through a blue dozen gates to get to the pond but it was worth the effort.  

This is one of the MANY tiny fish we caught.  We kept on and kept on catching these little fish until we had decided that we had caught the same 2 fish 5 times.  So we decided to start keeping them just to see.  And we weren't catching the same fish - after the first 10 or so that we didn't keep we started filling up our bucket.  
At about 8:30 when it was too dark to see and a picture wouldn't come out on my phone for anything we decided to dump our fish on the tail gate and count. 
1 fish 
2 fish 
3 fish 
26 fish that we had in the bucket.  Most the size that E is holding but a couple smaller and a couple bigger.  
I don't think that it mattered that we weren't catching big fish but that we were actually catching something.  

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