July 29, 2013

Great Grand Parents / Grand Parents

As I was watching my 8 year old niece hug my grandmother this morning it hit me again how very lucky my nieces and nephew are - I mean besides the fact that they get to be related to me.  

All joking aside, I never got to know or meet any of my great grand parents but my nieces and nephew are lucky enough to have three great grand mothers and one great grandfather all still living and in good health.  
And they have three grandmothers and three grandfathers.
And not only that but those grand & great grand parents love them unconditionally and still are able to have the kids stay with them and participate in their lives.

I know the kids are very lucky to have such large families with many grand and great parents alive but we are all so lucky to have them too.  They are the lights of our lives. 

Love my babies.  
With one set of grandparents and great grandparents and me and their momma of course. 

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