July 11, 2013

So Many Babies

As you may have read in an earlier post EVERY lady I know seems to be pregnant.  Now they are all getting into the stage of knowing whether they are having a sweet baby girl or boy.  Some have picked names and some haven't but regardless I have been sewing along and also getting baby shower ready.

Here are a couple of the sewing projects that I have done:
 A blue jean banner for baby boy Brewer. 

  A pink and grey monster bib for one of the many baby girls on the way.  

Both of these projects were a great way to use scrap fabric.  I can't wait to make more monster bibs.  
I found the pattern and tutorial for the monster bib on Stubbornly Crafty.  Lisa has some great tutorials so be sure to visit that site.  

I made the banner from scrap blue jeans.  I didn't really have a pattern.  I have made a banner before from a tutorial but I just winged this one.  It was fun to do...If you're winging it no one will be the wiser when you mess up!

Sew on.  


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