July 11, 2013

Owl Themed Baby Shower Items

I have looked at ordering all different items for an upcoming Owl themed baby shower that I am having.  Then I decided, I have Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, I think I can do this myself. 
So I tried...and I believe that I succeeded. 
It was much harder for me to figure out how to embed a link on my page so that you could download these items for yourself.  I ended up using Scribd.  Let me know if you have any issues getting these downloaded for your own use.
These are all intended to be for your personal use and are not for sale or to be used for profit.
These should print on an 8.5 *11 sheet of paper or card stock in color.
I plan on having mine printed at an office supply store.    

A list of wishes for baby:
A blank bingo card if you want fill in your own (2 per 8.5*11 sheet):
And 5 Bingo sheets (8.5*11) with 2 bingo cards on each. Each of these 10 cards have the "baby items" scrambled in different order so that you have 10 different cards. If you have more than 10 people at your shower make extra copies of each but know that you could possibly have more than one bingo winner. Here are the 5 sheets:

And last but not least - the list of words that are included in the bingo games. Whoever is making the list of the items that the mom to be is opening might check off of this list and call out any "bingo squares" that the opened gift might represent:

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