July 9, 2013

How to keep your ferns watered.....

We have a front porch that has columns.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to have four beautiful baskets of hanging ferns on my porch every year.  I am always so proud of them....until they die of dehydration because I have quickly forgotten to water them.  My grandmother that lives next door can keep the most beautiful ferns nearly year around.  She waters day and night....my poor ferns are happy if they get watered twice a week.  
So after seeing this blog on My Place to Yours I knew I Russel needed to do this. I probably could have done this myself but Russel is such a great handy man I knew he would be the better choice.  

It was really pretty simple: 

At Lowe's there is even have a "kit" with the 1/4 inch irrigation pipe, T's, pipe hangers, and stick sprinklers included.  We went ahead and got the 2 hose timer so if we wanted to add other plants - or just a regular hose to water trees with - we could do that easily.  
Now all we have to do is figure out how much and how long.  I have been varying it to see what works best without wasting water. 
This is truly cool for the gal that wants beautiful plants but isn't really mindful to remember that they need water.

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