April 30, 2013

Scaredy Dog

Hunter, our boxer, is 7 years old which is geriatric for his breed.
Amazingly enough he has lived that long and storms still frighten him. 
I found him Saturday night after a tornado warning had went off and the thunder & lightening were at their worst under the bed, in his "safe spot", shaking like a leaf and panting like he had run a marathon.  
I pulled him out from under the bed and we went to the bigger "safe spot" of the basement. 
He curled up on my lap on the couch- yes I know he is WAY to large to be a lap dog - and  he started to calm a little. I might interject here that if the wind is blowing hard I go to the basement because I do not like storms and I certainly can't sleep through them.
I went into our downstairs bathroom and he followed me making every step I made....until he saw that the shower door was open.
He walked right into the shower like he did it every day.  And wouldn't come out.

I ended up putting towels on the floor so that he could lay comfortably. 
He ended up staying here for several hours and it may well be his new safe spot.  
The other towel was for me if the tornado siren went off again. 

The things we will do for the sweet animals that comfort us and put a smile on our face on the worst of days.

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  1. God bless his little self. Scared of storms! You are too sweet putting him (and you) a towel for comfort. He's lucky to have you!! Kirby, on the other hand, slept right through the storms! ;)