May 2, 2013

Do you see anything suspicious with this glass of water????

No?!?!?!  Seriously??? You don't see it either?
I was just checking because I would love to continue drinking the water but I am not sure there isn't something in it, something catching, something which happens to be pregnancy.  

Seriously though - congrats, love, and hugs go out to my three gal pals and their families as their sweet families grow or as they begin their life with first children.  I won't name any names because not all these gals are out of the pregnant closet just yet but know that I love you all and wish you all the best.  

And "No, Mom!" not me.  I know you are reading this. I am not pregnant.  
We love kids. We love other people's kids.  We REALLY REALLY love our sweet nieces and nephew, but it isn't the road for us.  We haven't changed our minds.    

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."  ~Don Herrold

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  1. I am updating this to knowing SEVEN people that are having babies by the end of the year!