April 2, 2013


My new year resolution of posting one tutorial in each month went out the window in March when I didn't post a thing at all on my blog.  Sorry 'bout that. 

During March we did some birthday celebrating and I wanted to share the pictures.  
I had these cute Orange and Red polka dotted napkins that I wanted to use for a party.  Since we were having two parties within 24 hours I decided to use these napkins as my "theme".  I made a happy birthday banner for the hearth and a mini happy birthday banner for the cake.  I could use them both days!
Publix made the cakes (2 just alike other than the names) for each day and I just added candles and the banner. 
The banners are simply made from scrapbook paper punched out in circles with the letters cut from my cricut. Easy Peasy.

As for the paries:
My Mother In Law turned 60. She was sick the night we had her party but she still came over or the festivities.  It's hard to party with out the birthday girl.  
She got to feeling well enough the next day to eat left over crab legs and cake. 

The next day we celebrated Ethan's birthday (which actually happened in January!) and my mom's birthday which was in March.  

Same theme - Same Cake - Different Names
We had all sorts of good food and yummy cake.  Can't go wrong with cake two days in a row!

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