April 11, 2013

The Athletic and Brilliant Nieces

My sweet nieces are getting older, more athletic and more brilliant by the day.  

I have had the honor to attend Basketball games for both Elizabeth and Rachel this year already.  

Elizabeth is a little older and more experienced.  She is playing like a boss.  
That's my girl - on the floor fighting for the ball.

Rachel is playing Bitty Ball at the school and learning the ropes.  
 She's hanging in there, playing hard & hustling.

And both my girls are brilliant as always. 
Elizabeth and her friend Bethany had a science fair project that won at their school. 
They entered it into the regional contest at WKU and won their age group as well as the honor of receiving the only Christopher Shuffitt Creativity Award.    Way to go!
  I couldn't possibly be blessed with two better girls to call my nieces. 

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