October 23, 2011

Key wristlet ~ My first sewing project

For the last couple years I have told Russel how much I wanted a sewing machine.  He kept telling me to get one but I just never did.....until this past week.  I bought a Brother NS40 and I love it.  I had my first sewing lesson on Thursday.  I am pretty much still just sewing in a straight line but I figured out a project I can do & I want to share that with you.  If I can do it and have had a sewing machine for only 5 days I think anyone with a sewing machine can do it.  I got my idea for the key wristlet from the Thirty-One brand wristlet that I bought a couple weeks ago.  Below are the instructions.

Items you need:
sewing machine
two matching rolls of ribbon
coordinating thread
Depending on what size you want your wristlet to be you can get either rolls of 5/8 & 7/8 or 3/8 & 5/8 inch wide ribbon.  For this blog I used 3/8 inch white polka dot ribbon as the top and 5/8 inch red polka dot ribbon for the base.  For a wider wristlet use 5/8 inch as your top and 7/8 inch as your base ribbon.

Cut a 15 inch piece length of each of your ribbons (picture below)

 Then I took a lighter and melted one end of each ribbon to keep it from fraying. (picture below)
Line up your two ribbons with the smaller ribbon in the center and sew across the width of one end.  (picture below)
 Then sew down the length of the smaller ribbon to attach it to the larger ribbon.  Do this for both sides. (picture below)
Once the length of the ribbon is sewn on each side then melt the ends of the ribbon that isn't yet sewn together.  Sew across the width of the ribbon so that all four sides of the smaller are now sewn to the base ribbon.  
Then fold the ribbon over to leave about 2 inches of the end as a "tail". (picture below)
Fold the "tail" piece over and let it over lap the facing ribbon by about a 1/2 inch. (picture below)

Sew across the width of the ribbon at each end of the overlap. (picture below)  I didn't pin this I just held it as I sewed.

Attach to a key ring and you have your own key wristlet in your personalized colors.  

FYI:  A 3 yard roll of ribbon will yield about 7 wristlets if cut in the 15 inch pieces.  

I am glad that you visited my blog and are checking out the key wristlets.  While my tutorial is meant for you to use please give credit where credit is due and link to my blog for the original instructions. 

Happy Sewing!

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