October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you and your family.  I hope that no matter your age, you are enjoying the costumes and fun that surrounds Halloween.  I am a big kid at heart and love that in the last few years Russel and I have been to several costume parties where we could dress up and act like kids.  Since we live on the main highway we never have trick or treaters so this is my Halloween fun.   

Growing old is compulsory; growing up is optional. -- Bob Monkhouse

This is from Halloween 2010.  Russel was King Kong and I was Ann Darrow.
This year (because I was unaware that Russel was going to be home) I made a purple tutu for the gorilla costume so that I could wear it.  I mean REALLY??? What is funnier than a gorilla in a tutu????
So I brought the costume to work on Friday and we went to the costume contest at One Nashville Place.  Here I am with US Bank Branch Manager Rick Warner.
And by some twist of fate I saw our friend Deborah Strausser at Varallos on the way back to the office.   
Needless to say it was SO much fun to walk around downtown.  I brought the costume back today so we can go out again at lunch.  If we take any more great pictures I will post them this week.  

Also if you are LOVING my purple tutu like I do, I found some great tips on the blog Treasures for Tots.
Per her instructions I used the 6 inch spools of Tulle.  However, I wanted an adjustable waistband so that I could tie the tutu on rather than having to step into it.  So I took 3 pieces of tulle and braided them together to make my waistband and started on the slip knots for the tulle.  Because I wanted a very full tutu and it had to be larger than the standard child size I use 6 rolls of 6 inch wide tulle.  On the blog instructions it gives a standard child's length but if you are making a tutu for an adult I suggest a 25 inch piece of tulle that you will be doubling over - this makes your tutu around 12 inches in length.  Her advice about using a piece of card board to put the tulle around to make your cuts of tulle is GENIUS!  I suggest taking that bit of advice.  
So go out tonight - have fun - be careful and don't go onto sugar overload.     

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