October 17, 2011

Fun in the Dirt

The last two Sundays, Russel and I have spent our afternoons at Dunn's Playground.  Use to I would go and sit and take pictures while Russel rode his dirt bikes.  Fun???  Yes!  But now oh so much more fun now that I have my own set of wheels!!!!! There are no pictures of me in my RZR but I was there and having a blast.  Thanks in part to Travis opening up his place for two wheels and four but mostly thanks to Russel for finding me something that I would love to drive. 
Here are some of the pictures that I took. 
Russel on the step up.

 Danny Dunn whipping it on the step up.
Jesse D riding in style.
And just so you know what I am talking about - this is me driving Nanny around in my RZR the night we got it.  THAT took some convincing.

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