May 21, 2013

Mothers Day.... a day to honor all the women in our lives: mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, daughters, aunts, and other special ladies.  
I think it is good to keep that in mind.  Just because someone doesn't have children per se doesn't mean that they don't love and care for everyone around them.  Cheers to all the ladies - mom or not!

We spent the afternoon with my grandparents, parents, great aunt, sister and two of her kiddos.  
The mothers of the afternoon were my sister, my mom, my great aunt and my grand mother.

We spent the evening with my in- laws, brothers in law, and aunt & uncle.  
   My hubby (back row), brothers in law, mother in law and father in law.  

In the afternoon Russel and I got out and played with the kids.  

Because well - we're just kids as heart.  You're only as old as you act!
We rode bikes, flew kites and even took the RZR for a few spins.  

We also had the honor of celebrating my grand mothers 90th birthday!
Yes 90th!  And she still gets out and does.  She drives, mows parts of the lawn, directs traffic for the tractors, works in the garden, plants flowers, chases off birds, cooks meals for 15 - 20 people and so much more.  I can only pray that I am able to be that active at 90.  
And as a side note - thanks to all of you who Tracey and I called, texted and sent messages to about sending Nanny a birthday card last week.  She ended up getting over 50 cards and she loved reading them all.  THANK YOU! 


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