May 29, 2013

PhotoShop Elements 11

A couple weeks ago I purchased PhotoShop Elements 11.  
Now this is not the full blown PhotoShop used by professionals but a scaled down version.  A version for photo editing idiots such as myself.  It has 3 levels - one that it does the editing for you, a guided version, and a do it yourself version.  While you are editing the picture you can use any or all of the versions.  I used the guided version for some things I wanted to do and then played around with the do it yourself on other things - all in the same picture.  
I have put two pictures together to make one - its' hard to get pictures of Russel and I together if we are on vacation by ourselves-, I have cropped, enhanced colors and all sorts of other things. 
I am not getting paid for my opinion by any means but for the price - I really like it!
They have it on sale at Sam's Club for $49.99 right now.  YAY!  That is where I got mine.  

I started working on this picture of Russel from our Vegas trip.  I think that I will go through and get rid of the light lines but this is my start. 
Isn't he handsome?!?!?!

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