October 4, 2012

What have you been up to????

It always seems like August and September are super busy months for us.  
We are busy in August getting ready for the Robertson County Fair.  
I don't know what makes September so busy but it always is.  
Here's a few pictures of our month (and I promise to get fair pictures up eventually):

 On September 22nd Lacey, Tracey and I did the women's 5k in downtown Nashville.  There were tons of women there getting their groove on as this was a 5k and a half marathon.  Out of the 551 women running the 5k, Lacey place 38th with a time of 30 minutes and 3 seconds, Tracey places 82nd with a time of 32 minutes and 25 seconds, and I finished 174th with a time of 36 minutes and 49 seconds.  You may know me and KNOW that I only run when something is chasing me so this time was a Personal BEST for me.  I was only trying to finish is less than 40 minutes which would have also been my best time ever but with all the women and the enthusiasm (and knowing that Tracey and Lacey would be waiting forever at the finish line for me) I got my groove on.  It was great.  I hurt for a week after that but it was great. 

I also have found myself being super crafty this month.  Who knew???
I bought this dry sink at an estate sale for $30.00.  Now it isn't an antique but it is older.  I pulled the back and doors off.  Russel will have to make a new back and help me repair the doors so this is as far as I have gotten thus far.  I have painted with chalk paint that I made myself and once everything is put back together and painted I will distress this.  It is going on the back porch.  
For this portion of the blog I want to give a shout out to Sue and Margie at Wright Way Estate Sales where I bought the dry sink  Sue is a great family friend and if you need any estate sale help she would be a great choice.  Also shouting out to Annie Farrar of The Farrar Four who is also a great friend and has been answering my endless questions about painting and distressing wood....with no complaints might I add. 
If you are interested in the paint colors, the blue is French Riviera and the "off white" is toasted almond both by Olympic Paints. 

 As I said - I have been crafting and these are my latest.  I made a few onesies for friends having babies - and there has been a baby boom for our friends as of late.  
Leslie at work asked if I would make a bigger version for her youngest Jacob for his school pictures.  She tried on his outfit last night... he insisted on the house shoes and trophy.  If you are interested in a onesie or shirt of your little boy let me know.  I may get into making these for sale. 
 I don't have any pictures of Russel and I for the month but I have pictures of a dozen donuts that we destroyed one weekend.  I normally LOVE Shipley donuts but we went to Krispy Kream because the hot and ready light was on.  The blue donuts are cotton candy...yes I said cotton candy YUMMY!
The others are a mixture of caramel apple and maple donuts.  Now the cotton candy and caramel apple are seasonal so get them while you can.  Both were delish.  But my go to donut is always a maple and these didn't disappoint. 
September is also a HUGE birthday month in our family.  This is my niece Rachel with her genie pig that she got for her birthday.  She is so excited. 
And Happy birthday to the rest of our crew celebrating their birthday's this month:
ME!  Issac, Sarah, Hudson, Brad, Ruby, Yolanda, and Mark....and also my friend Kristie who is like family too.  

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