September 19, 2012

LST 325

Russel came to work today at lunch time and we toured the LST 325 ship that is docked at Riverfront Park. 

This ship is really cool to go into.  It is a landing ship tank that delivered tanks, troops and cargo first in World War II.  This ship actually landed on the beach at Normandy.  

The most interesting part of the tour was talking to the 45 crew members that actually sail the ship from place to place.  They know the ins and outs of the boat as well as its history.  There were also lots of former members of the Navy that were touring the ship and hearing their recollections from being on ships like these were amazing.  

The bottom two pictures are from the tank deck.  This is where many of the vehicles were parked but also has side rooms that contained parts, laundry, mechanical shops, and the likes.  Below this level is where the engines were.  You could actually look down through a plexiglass plate to see the engine room.  
The top two pictures are from the bunk room and top deck.  

The LST 325 had several gun mounts and some actual ammunition you could touch and see.  
It was all amazing to look at and walk through.  

I believe the LST 325 is going to be docked in Nashville for tours through middle of next week and will be in Clarksville for a few days after that.  
Here is the link to the site for the LST 325 if you are interested in more information or tours while it is in town.  It is normally docked in Evansville where you can tour it when it is not out on trips so if you live in or are visiting that area then you will have more chances to see it.  

Happy Touring.  

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