October 10, 2012

Pickett Off Road

Well - I say Pickett as in Pickett State Park but I think we were actually riding on private land that is part of the forest - if that makes sense.  We drove one weekend through BFE to a stop sign and went another 15 miles...Seriously we bypassed the place we were parking at we were so far n the middle of nowhere.  
 With three trucks and five people who all left from different places to end up at this same place is beyond me but we all got there.  It was a perfect day for riding.  Cool and comfortable. No need for a jacket yet we weren't dripping with sweat either.  
With Missy's GPS we found the car hauler (below)that was made into a bridge.  Seriously...how did they get a car hauler way up here???  
We experienced a flat on our RZR and a small mishap (of Russel shooting on down an overgrown unmarked trail) that caused a fair amount of curse words to get us out of.  We survived, got muddy, got chiggers, got tired and had a blast.
As we were leaving we decided that there must be a better way home.  Sure enough we were less than 10 miles from HWY 90 that leads right on over to the Parkway in Glasgow.  Next time we go....that will be our route there and back. 

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