October 10, 2012

Robertson County Dairy Show

It's been over a month since the Robertson County dairy show but it did happen and we did have a good turn out.  5 farms participated this year.  With three youngens running around showing this year and big E really getting big enough to want to show in a lot of the classes it was rather hectic...but I loved it.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  All three kids did a great job showing.  Little E and R aren't really big enough to show in lots of classes but big E is and she is very good at showing.  We had to have the talk about - NO you are NOT going to win every class but that is because Nanny and Papa and aunt Stacey don't have enough time to get the calves up as babies and feed them to be HUGE calves in the class.  You will have classes that you win and classes that you lose but the fun is in the showing.    And WE HAD FUN!

The heifers and cows all washed and waiting...the one picture of Russel and I.  It was hectic and we didn't get as many pictures as I normally do.  

All three kids in the ring practicing with their heifers before the show.  

The kids in their classes.  Big E won showmanship for her age group.  R placed 2nd. And in little E's class they give out first place to all the kids that show.  So proud of all three of them. 

In other Fair news - mom and I both placed in the fruit and vegetable classes. 
I placed with 3 of my photos in the photography section and with both my stuffed owl and my baby bib in the sewing section.  YAY!

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