September 14, 2012

Fabric Fanatic

Did you know it is National Sewing Month? 
No?  Neither did I however Jo-ann's is touting it in this month's flier.  
So that means I have to get sewing.  Yes the ad pulled me in and I went and bought fabric.  

The top fabric I am using to make a pillow case cover for a neck roll pillow my MIL gave me. 
The middle fabric is for more owls.  These will be auctioned at our church fall auction and festival. 
The bottom fabric is for a lap quilt that I am also making for our auction.  I will post pictures later once I finish the quilt along with the information for our fall festival. 

Along with all the super cool fabric I will be making owls, pillows and quilts with, I got some outdoor fabric to recover the two seats of the chairs that sit on our back porch.  Several years ago I had gotten some navy fat quarters and recovered these.  They quickly faded and needed replacing but I am just getting to it.  I just pulled the old fabric off and put the new fabric on and stapled it down. It was easy peasy.  I had extra fabric so I also made a little quilt sandwich to go on the table for Mr Frog to sit on.
This was a MUCH needed update as you can see from the first picture with the "blue" fabric on the chair seats.

I love how just a little fabric and staples can give something a whole new updated look.  I just purchased a dry sink that I am going to paint and distress to match the tan and teal in the fabric of the chairs as an addition to our back porch.

Happy crafting peeps! 

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