September 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend

I had an WONDERFUL birthday weekend.  I only wish Russel had been home to share it with me.
I had my camera with me all weekend and yet took no "real" pictures. My camera has not been feeling the love lately.  I did snap a few with my cell phone - You all will laugh at what I actually took pictures of.
Friday at Lunch time with Mr Peanut in the arcade. 
Going through the car wash on Friday night. 
A balloon Harley at the Hendersonville Flea Market

Sunday night celebrating with Sarah for her birthday - this is the card as I could download it off line.  I don't know why our picture isn't centered. 

Yes  - I know it is sideways but I couldn't get it to turn on here for some reason.  This is the actual picture they took and printed for us....see how we were centered???  Anyways It was a great supper and wonderful celebrating with family. 

I know that is a very odd assortment of pictures for a birthday weekend but what can I say? I am an odd picture type of girl.  
So beyond the weird pictures there are no great pictures of how much fun I actually had!  I spent Saturday morning with aunt Tina and Stephanie going to Hartsville for the Strawberry Patch Barn sale, a trip to the orchard, and lunch.  The barn sale gave us all sorts of great ideas that we hope to one day follow through with.  And of course I got to visit with my good friend Annie from the Farrar Four.  
Saturday afternoon Tina and I made an impromptu stop at the flea market in Hendersonville.  It had so much cool stuff.  That will surely be a place we go again.  The on to an estate sale in White House that was SUPPOSED to be open until 5:00 but that closed at 4:00. :(
On Sunday I went to church, had lunch at Cracker Barrell with my parents and grandparents, tore my kitchen apart looking for a mouse, and had supper at Demos with the Smith part of my family.  Another awesome day.  
The only thing that would have made it better was if the hubby had been home - he makes all my days better.  He makes my heart sing and my soul flutter - which is a gift I get from him every day.  

Thanks to all of my sweet friends and family who sent cards, texts, & emails and even called and sang great birthday renditions for me.  I am truly blessed.       



  1. Happy Birthday Weekend!!!! SO wonderful to see you at the barn sale!!!!


    1. It was great to see you too. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of us while I was there! Thanks again for the birthday wishes and texts.