August 20, 2012

It's Fair Time in Tennessee

It is finally that time of year in Tennessee again.  
There are county fairs going on all over the state.  
This week is the Wilson County Fair.
We won't be showing at the Wilson County Fair but I will be out on Thursday night helping to clerk at the Dairy desk.  If you are out and about at the fair come see me.
Next week is the Robertson County Fair.
We will be showing in this fair as we have for years.  I don't ever remember not being at this show.  
When I was young (4-H and FFA age) we showed at about 4 or 5 shows a year.  Now we only have time to go to the one but I still enjoy it just the same.  Tracey's kids are starting to enjoy the showing and we always have at least one calf for each of them to show in showmanship.  Elizabeth really stepped it up last year and showed in several classes.  I am so glad that they are enjoying it as much as I did at that age.  Plus what kid doesn't love a day out of school?

So this year we will be at the Robertson County Fair on Tuesday August 28th.  The show is in the livestock barn and starts at 7:00 pm.  Come visit us!  and for my diary friends - BRING SOME COWS!  We always enjoy having the barn full to capacity.  

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