January 29, 2014

How to clean blood from your carpet....

...after you've gotten mad and rampaged...Just kidding - about the rampage part anyways.

 After letting our sweet doggie out to do his business last night, my hubby let him back in and sat down on the couch.  It was late.  I was already asleep. Nothing unusual going on....until 11:00 when I hear the carpet cleaner going.  Now I have had some issues with our carpet cleaner in the last month and I had sat it on the back porch because it was leaking when I used it....and I THOUGHT that the hubs had decided to try to fix it at 11:00 last night.  I rolled out of bed and walked down the hallway all groggy eyed to see him scrubbing the carpet.  My next thought is that Hunter(sweet doggie of ours) has gotten sick and hubs is trying to clean it up.  Then I look down and realize that there is blood...trails of blood...puddles of blood...smears of blood all over the couch, the linoleum in the kitchen and down the whole length of our house in the carpet...WHAT HAS HAPPENED!??!?!

Well what has happened is that the ground is frozen solid at home and while our dog is out running hot laps around the yard he broke one of his toe nails plum off.  The lights were off in the living room so hubs didn't notice it until he got up to come to bed.  There was literally blood all over.  

For accidents on the carpet I normally use this stuff that we get at Ace Hardware called Carpet Butler Enzymatic treatment.  It's a little spray bottle and I use it for stains on the couch and misc carpet issues.  We only had half a little bottle left so at a little after 11 I traveled to the local WalMart to find more carpet cleaner.  I picked up Oxiclean(which we didn't open), two bottle if 409 carpet cleaner, & Bissell carpet cleaner foam (with its own little scrub brush attached).     
Just in case you're ever in a similar situation here's what we found out:

Don't even buy the 409.  It worked but only with REALLY vigorous scrubbing that is likely to damage your carpet. 

The Bissell Spot and Stain foam worked well and the attached brush is very convenient & not too stiff to damage your carpet.  There is still a good bit of scrubbing involved but all the spots came up using this.  It even worked on the upholstery on our couch.  

The Enzymatic by Carpet Butler from Ace did the best job - especially on the pools of blood.  
You could spray (or pour - some spots were really bad) this on the stain and it would start dissolving really quickly.

My only request of the hubs today was to go and get several more bottles of the Enzymatic from Ace so we have it on hand for future spills, spots, or blood stains.   

Hunter is fine.  He has a sore toe.  
We put some baking soda on it last night to clot any remaining blood.  It looked a little tender this morning but nothing he won't get over.  

Oh what a fun night of carpet scrubbing.  



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