February 5, 2014

Share the Love 2014

Last year I participated in a February Share the Love event.  February so far has been super busy so I haven't even looked at many blogs lately to know if there is an event going on. 

So - I am challenging YOU during the month of February to SHARE THE LOVE.....

We all lead super busy lives (as evidence above) but if you can slow down for a minute to do just a little something nice for someone - a friend, family member or even a stranger - it'll make your heart full.  I am not talking about spending tons of money, in fact you don't have to spend any at all...just do a random act of kindness

Let that person with 3 items check out in front of you at the store
Help someone less able to pump their gas or open a door
Send cards to friends just to say thanks for being my friend 
Bring donuts / bagels to your office
Call someone who you haven't spoken to in a while
Spend uninterrupted time with your spouse / children / grandchildren
Pay for the next person in line's coffee 
Offer your time to a charity - or to a friend with kids in need of a night out
Visit with family for no special occasion

So often we let these types of opportunities pass us by because we simply don't have time.  I challenge you to make time. 
So take one step back from your day to day...slow down...and make someone else's day.

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