April 26, 2012

Ten Years Ago Today

Elizabeth with Rachel and Ethan

Russel and I were at lunch ten years ago today when I got "the call".
We were eating a quick lunch at the Shoney's downtown when Tracey called to tell me she had went into labor with her first born but not to hurry because it would probably be a while.  

Not hurry???  When my first niece was going to be born soon - yeah right!
We finished our eating like it was a race.  Russel dropped me back off at work to pick up my stuff and then I jetted on to Glasgow.    

My cousin Paula and I had went into the room to visit when the Dr told us that he was going to have to do a C section and for us to go on out and tell everyone that there would be no more visitors because they were taking her to surgery.  

Ugh - What?  This dr wants me to go the waiting room and tell my parents that they can't see their first born right before she has her first born....was he crazy or what? 

I don't remember the sequence of things after that.  The waiting room was full of friends and family waiting for the newest member of the family to be born.  Everyone was pacing and looking intothe nursery wondering when we would see Tracey Brad and baby Elizabeth.  

And then came Brad with a sweet little tiny baby.
And our lives changed forever.  
A whole new generation was born.  

Elizabeth (like Rachel and Ethan) are a blessing to us all.  
She is a sister, daughter, niece, cousin, granddaughter, great niece, great grandaughter, and great great niece. 

So Happy 10th Birthday to my beautiful and talented niece Elizabeth Reid.

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