April 12, 2012

Easter Fun

What a awesome day the Lord gave us for Easter this year. 

We started the morning at church with our wonderful Sunday School teacher Shannon.  
She always blesses us with the classes that she teaches.

Then we came home for Lunch at Nanny and Papa's followed by an Easter egg hunt, bubble blowing and kite flying.  
Me and my beautiful sister Tracey - yes we look more and more alike every year.

Me with my nieces and nephew.  They are so sweet. 

Ethan with his Easter Basket

Do you think we take many pictures????

This is his first year to REALLY get to hunt - It rained last year.

Elizabeth with her basket.

Rachel - always doing the splits - with her basket

The hunt is on!

Me and the BIL Brad - note the flops - I think this is a first.

Ethan with an Easter gift

Sweet E turning 10!  I remember the day she was born. 

Everyone watching to see if Russel really would pick up
Nanny and carry her outside for the picture.

This is the next picture I snapped and I just cracked up. 
Brad may have missed his calling as hair stylist. 

Nanny and Papa with our immediate family

Our big family picture

Aunt Dot with Hunter

Brad and Tracey

The Bertram's

The Stoddard's - Not a single picture with us
that Hunter is looking AT the camera.

  Nothing like Easter to remind us that He died for our sins. 
He is risen - let us rejoice. 

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