February 1, 2012

Can't help but laugh

While perusing pinterest I came across a picture of a metal rooster standing at someone's front door.  I had to click the link because for those of you that don't know.....the in-laws bought me the exact same metal rooster just in a smaller size for Christmas. 

I have been admiring the larger version of this metal rooster at the Stone Cottage in White House for a while now.  Debbie remembered and bought this one for me. He is the perfect size and now Russel has him anchored down (to deter theft) in front of our porch in the landscaping.  He's perfect. I am thinking about getting his larger counterpart.  So when I saw the picture of the larger metal rooster standing at someone's front door like it had just rang the doorbell I had to check out the link.  I laughed.  I laughed some more and read the blog from The Bloggess out loud to a friend at work.  Then I tried to tell Russel the gist of it and ended up bringing it back up to read to him.  The author of the blog is Jenny Lawson.  She has several blogs that you can link to from her webpage.  I've found its a good place to go if I need a laugh but I have also found that she does work for a couple different causes, wrote her own book "Let's pretend this never happened" that I can't wait to get, and also started the "traveling red dress" initiative.  The traveling red dress blog entry 

I love her blog and I wanted nothing more than to share it with you all.
Today's find that had me rolling comes from her blog on The Stir by Cafe Mom.  

Her entries for this blog are entitled "ill -advised: parenting tips from the bloggess"
Lesson 27: Terrible Pets for Children tells the things about small children and pets that most people try to gloss over.  

Enjoy the bloggess!!!!

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