February 28, 2012

Brimstone Riding

This past weekend we went to Brimstone Recreation area with some friends. 
Together we had a total of 4 RZR's (and 1 four wheeler on Saturday).  
This place is awesome.  It is a little out of the way to say the least but there
are several cabin rental places and it was worth the drive.  
Here is the link to Brimstone's site.  There is even an interactive trail map.

Here are some pictures of our weekend in the mountains of Brimstone. 
At the look out on Trail 3

The rental house from the overlook directly behind it. 

Standing on the bluff - but not too close to the edge.

All the RZR's at the house during a rest time. 

Timmy, Tonya, & Kenny - Brooke is back there somewhere.

At the waterfalls that we had to slide down on our rears to get to and then had to climb back up by tree branches - so worth it!

Tony at the falls

The whole group (minus John from Saturday's ride)

Me - in my super cool duds - showcasing my wonderful parking job on the waterfalls. 


  1. Looks like FUN!!!!!! I used to love riding 4 wheelers with Lance!

  2. Annie - they rent 4 wheelers up there. You all could take a mommy and daddy weekend to ride.