November 6, 2011

Sew Little Time....

This week and weekend when I should have been cleaning house for the upcoming arrival of Russel's family for Thanksgiving, I was sewing.  I know. I know.  I should have been dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and picking up my mess but I couldn't bring myself to just clean...therefore, I would clean a little and sew a little and craft a little in between.  Here are this week's creations and the links that helped me to make them.  

A lovely Fabric Banner for my BRAND NEW HUSBAND BUILT floating shelf that I am now using to store my scrap books on.  I found the BEST directions for the banner here at Home Based Mom.  Her instructions for cutting the pennants were so easy to follow. 

I also decided to work on a baby gift for friends that are due next month.  I made an owl, burp cloth, and bib (reversible) all from coordinating fat quarters.  The link to the owl is on one of my previous posts.  I looked at several different tutorials and blogs and used trial & error until I got a burp cloth that I liked.  Note: When you get cloth diapers they are so nice and square....until you wash and dry them.  When I make another one I will take pictures for a tutorial. The bib came from a post on Sew She Sews.  I didn't make the quilted pieces for the bib like she described but used one solid piece of fabric for both the front and back. If you are going to make this bib PLEASE read the instructions through first.  I almost started cutting before I should have.  But the bib was so easy to make. 
I also TRIED to make a whale softie.  Try being the main word.  He's a little distorted.  The pattern came from i heart nap time.  The pattern and instructions are easy to follow however I am not really great at sewing around corners yet.  I guess that will come in time.  
And last but not least .........

A button tree.  I have seen several pinterest posts and blogs with button trees.  I don't suggest it :)  Not because it isn't the cutest thing ever (because it is!)but buttons are expensive, pins are expensive, and it took for ever.  This tree that is less than 12 inches tall took more than 240 buttons!  
I also made a scarf for Aunt Tina.  I took it to her and never even took a picture.  It turned out cute and I will make more but again it was a trial and error.
So family - when you come over and the house is far from spotless - it is because I was busy crafting. 

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  1. LOVE the banner & I took my owl to show mom & i thought she was going to keep it, she thought it was so adorable. LOVE the button tree too, but seriously 240 buttons! I never would have thought it would take that many. I'm so proud of you & your new sewing projects. We can clean anytime & you know the family won't see any dust-they will be filling their faces @thanksgiving!
    Love, Stacey M.