November 17, 2011

Buying sttock in Joann's

Or at least I am thinking that I should buy stock in Joann's.  
*******I wonder if you own their stock if they give you a better discount******

So I guess you know that I am going to say that I have been crafting and YES!  I have.  
I finished my first 5*5 quilt.  I was NOT reading the directions through when I read 5*5.  I thought a 5 foot by 5 foot quilt rather than a 5 block by 5 block.  But it was plenty big enough for my first quilt.  I have to learn better how to maneuver the quilt around while quilting it before I can do anything bigger.
I got the instructions for this lovely little quilt on this blog: 
It is by no means perfect but I am pretty darn proud of it.
I was determined to get it done before Russel's Mimi left town.  I wanted her to see it and she got to.  I finished quilting it on Friday night.  
On Saturday we had Russel's family Thanksgiving at his parents house.  We had a great time and DELISH food.  Here are a few of the pictures:

I didn't get pictures of everyone but Shannon should be sending me a copy of the group photo.  I think at final count there were 44 people & 5 dogs.  

And when everyone had gone home I broke out the sewing supplies and worked on our new stockings.  I wanted 4 similarly matching stockings this year.  I will probably make a light strand with fabric that matches to go on the hearth.  But for the time being these are our new stockings.....with one more cut out and ready to be sewn. 
I hope that you all are enjoying the holiday celebrations that come with this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know I enjoy time spent with all our family and friends from near and far.  



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