March 31, 2014

Time For A Change: Stage Two

Please forgive me for the tardiness of this post.  My husband and I lost two very special loved ones in the last 10 days and things that didn't have to do with sickness, funerals, and family came to a grinding it should when you lose a loved one.  
With out further ado: here's stage 2!
Once the walls were painted and dry it was time to start organizing and getting things together.  As I went along I figured out what I needed (and what I needed the hubby to build). 
Here's the finished (mostly finished - I'm still tweeking things a bit) product:
You can see (bottom right hand corner) that I still have a few things that I am finding homes for.  I decided to keep my totes as storage for fabric. Although it isn't my favorite look it gets the job done AND keeps mice/ spiders / dust off my fabric.  I had decided on a folding table to put my sewing machine on.  I used it once that way and there was way too much vibration so I went back to this ugly old heavy as crap desk that I had been using.  I am going to try and spruce it up but haven't decided how yet.  

Here are some close ups on the desk we "made":
Scrapbooking items moved to the back and sewing to the front.  We used 8 scrapbook organizing cubes from Micheal's and three four foot by 10 inch shelves from Home Depot to create my desk.  I believe that you can buy the piece to make the cubes into a desk but we were having difficulty finding them (and the price was high).  Hubs screwed the shelves to the top 4 cubes to make my desk top.  It is super sturdy.  
Here are the four sets of two cubes high that make up the desk: 
  There are shelves for paper/ Cricut boards. There are drawers for scraps, punches, Cricut cartridges, paint, markers, cards, stickers - just about anything that you want to put in a drawer. I've never been so organized!

On the left hand wall - I have my scrapbooks on a floating shelf built from pine by the hubby, 8*10 pictures that I have entered in the fair and couldn't stand to put in folder, tote storage for fabric, and of course - my peg board that we made for my thread and bobbins.  

I love this room and hopefully the organization will help me.

And of course after you organize - you must accessorize. This was quite possibly my favorite part!

 The shelf is an old wood crate screwed to the wall.
The coffee cans are holding adhesives, pens and punches (I may modge podge these later).
The cute red clock is from Hobby Lobby.
The jar is full of random buttons - for decoration and use.
The "S" is a large cardboard S that I modge podged book pages onto over the period of a few days.  
I had bought the chalkboard thinking I would use it to make a gift but it's found it's home here. 

I hope that you like my craft room make over!

I certainly do!

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