March 14, 2014

Time for Change: Stage One

It's beginning to feel like SPRING which after this cold winter sure is a welcome feeling. 
Every year in the spring I get the itch to do something to brighten up the house. 
A friend at work showed me the pictures of where she painted an accent wall in her living room and foyer.  It was a bright and sunny teal that just made me smile when I saw it.  This got my brain churning but it hasn't been long since we painted most of our upstairs walls so I couldn't imagine repainting there.  So my ideas of painting something to freshen up the house kind of died.  

Then I walked into my basement (where I have my craft/ sewing / scrapbooking room set up) and looked at all the junk I had piled on my tables.  I haven't worked on any projects lately and it is very easy to just lay down whatever you have in your hands on the closest stable....which happen to be my work stations.  Then it hit me.... I need to get organized in my craft room.....and this could entail my painted wall. Because we all know that painting helps with organization! 

To start you off - my house was built in the 80's.  It has light colored paneling as its walls in the basement.  We don't have any windows - which is great for storms but kind of depressing when it is so nice outside & I want to be inside working.  
So the hubs and I moved the bed frame, headboard, foot board, and box springs that had so conveniently gotten propped up against the back wall in my craft area.  It went to storage and out of my way.  Then I started stripping down everything on the walls.  I pulled out my craft tables out and made a huge I could start painting.

You can laugh at my huge mess you can see in all the pictures.  I do!

With paneled walls (unless you are going to replace them with dry wall - so not happening at my house) you have to prime them before you can put on actual paint so that your paint will stick.  After talking to the guy at Lowes I went with this Bulls Eye Primer.  I didn't have it tinted so that if there was any leftover I could use it on another project.  The picture on the right is my 80's paneling.  

I started with a brush and painted in each "crevice" in the paneling.  I also did the tops and bottoms of the boards.  Our basement isn't finished so there is exposed ceilings.  I doubt we'll ever finish in the ceiling because it is easy to get to when we have issues.  After painting all the crevices, tops, and bottoms of the board I broke out the roller and rolled on two coats of primer.  I have a nice primed white wall.  I really liked how it already brightened the made me almost a little remiss to want to paint it the teal color.   

But after one coat of teal I knew it was a good idea.  I used the same process for painting the satin paint.  Brush to fill in all crevices and then rolled two coats of paint on the whole wall.  (don't you love all my junk piled sky high?!?!?!?!)  The cabinets on the right are ones that my husband built for storage and I LOVE them.  I have a floating shelf on the left hand wall that he also built to hold my 12*12 scrapbooks.  You can't see it really good here.  I am thinking that I MIGHT paint the wall on the left.  What do you think?  Paint it also (because I have the supplies still) or leave it the natural wood paneling color? 

Tune in soon for Stage 2!  I am using cube storage from Micheal's to make a desk and for scrapbook paper/ item storage on the back wall.  I also have a super cute red clock from Hobby Lobby,  A modge podged S and a vintage crate to use on the wall.  Can't wait to get my craft room organized and sunny.


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