November 8, 2013

Pinterest Party

I will preface this whole entry by saying - there are no pictures.  :(  We partied and made projects.  I didn't even have time to snatch up my camera.  Sorry Ladies.   

Last month about 10 -12 friends got together at my house for a preholiday Pinterest party.  We all know how difficult it gets to get together at the holidays so we decided an October Pinterest party to get together make a few projects and hang out was the perfect plan.  
It was the perfect plan.  We had the best time.  
Since there are no pictures I'll make this short and sweet.  
We picked four projects:
Glitter Covered Mason Jars
Melted Snowmen Ornaments
Freezer Paper Painted Shirts
Coasters from Scrap book paper, tiles and modge podge
We picked these four crafts because they were pretty easy, didn't take a lot of time, and could all be done in one night.
There were 4 crafting stations where we could work on things so we all 
just rotated around to where someone else wasn't.
I don't think would have been as easy with more people....It would have been crowded.
These are the Pinterest links that we based our crafts from - with a few improvements:
This super easy Glitter Mason Jar tutorial got us started on the right road.  I got the large grain glitter and I liked it better than the fine glitter.  After we let the dry for a few minutes we sprayed a clear sealer coat to help keep the glitter from coming off on everything.
This again was another quick tutorial on what products to use in the Melted Snowman Ornament.  I wouldn't have thought of the peppercorns.  In addition to what she has, we added cut triangle slivers of bright orange scrapbook paper for the snowman nose, small buttons for the eyes, and short pieces of red material as a scarf.  Be careful not to stick your finger in the glass ornament because something didn't settle the way you wanted it to.  Said ornament will break...we know from experience.  If what you dropped on top of the salt doesn't settle right give it a good shake and then sift it back and forth and everything rises to the top.   
The perfect tutorial to make quick a quick and inexpensive gift.  We made sets of 4 coasters for less than $1.00 for the sets.  Our only change was to hot glue small felts squares to the back instead of modge podging shelf liner on.  Either way would work fine.  
For the Freezer paper painted shirts I looked at several different tutorials.  They were all basically the same - pinterest search freezer paper shirts and you will get a bunch of different ideas.  We used my Cricut to cut state shapes from the freezer paper, ironed them on and started painting.  Just always remember to put a piece of cardboard between your layers of shirt so that you don't have paint bled through to the next layer. 
All in all the pinterest party was a hit.  We all brought a pinterest inspired food which made for a tasty treat.  We were able to socialize and still feel productive. We didn't spend a lot of money doing it.  And who has extra cash to spend this time of year anyways???
 We'll do this again in the spring.  Maybe we'll do just 1 or two projects but make them a little more time consuming.
Do you have any ideas for a pinterest party?  Please share      

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