October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween.  It's a fun holiday to dress up, go outside the box, and be a kid again.  
We have trunk or treat every year at our church.  Russel and I are more often than not the only adults dressed up but the kids enjoy it and so do we.  
A few years ago Russel convinced me to get him a gorilla costume.  I decided if we were going to get one we would get a "good" one not a cheap fall apart one but with the stipulation that it needed to be worn more than once.  Well - this gorilla has been worn and worn and worn again.  Below are some pictures from Halloween's for us through the years. 
 If there is one thing we do together, it's that we always have fun.  
I love these pictures because each one makes me remember something about each year.  Now would that have happened had we not dressed up and gone "outside our boxes"?
The year we were....
little red riding and the big bad wolf - Russel had just had knee surgery
little bo peep and mustache man - we had spent time at Chris' making way for his new cabin
I was the gorilla with the tutu - my friend Denise was "guiding" me walking around down town during the day and walked us out into the middle of on coming traffic (no one was hurt)
cowboy and milk maid - I saw the biggest grin ever on our friend Morris' face
gorilla and lady from king kong - I ripped the back of my dress out putting it on 

Yes - we may technically be "too old" for Halloween but we're still young at heart.  Are you?

Happy Halloween!

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