September 9, 2013

Cummins Falls

On my 34th birthday we decided to take a day trip to Cummins Falls near Cookeville TN.  The weather was still good and warm (84 degrees). The water was very invigorating (I'm borrowing that word from the guides for our underground snorkeling trip in Mexico- it's better than saying COLD),
After a long hike down the trails and back up the river, we made it to these beautiful falls.  
It was well worth the hike.   We spent several hours swimming, climbing the falls, and playing in the pool at the bottom.  There were quite a few people there but people were all coming and going so it never felt crowded. 

This video is of my sweet husband trying to get me to step under the falls for a picture.  Little did I know that he was videoing as he corralled me further back.  Whew!  Took my breath away.  

I don't know how it happened but Russel also convinced me to jump off the waterfall into the pool below.  And then I did it again!  Must have been the birthday blood pumping through my veins.  
Yep - that is me - holding my nose.

The falls from across the pool at the bottom. 

Russel before we took the plunge into the pool.  Not sure of the depth but I would suggest being a good swimmer or taking a small blow up float/ life vest if you aren't.  

Russel on the walk to the falls.  
The hiking trail deposits you into the creek bed maybe a 1/2 mile from the falls.  You have to walk up the creek to get to the falls. 

Me looking at the falls when we first got there.  It really is beautiful. 

We went to the falls overlook before hiking down.  You can see the falls in the back ground 

At the falls after climbing up onto the "lowest level" of the falls themselves. 

After a little encouragement Russel got me up the rocks and under the actual falls.  

If you want to learn more about the falls you can check out the Tennessee State Parks Website.
Cummins Falls was named one of the top 10 swimming holes in the US by Travel and Leisure.   
Quite a feat for such a new state park.
Next time we make a trip out, we will probably hit up Burgess Falls which is only about 19 miles away.  From what I understand there are 4 smaller falls on the hike out to this 250 foot waterfall.  Sounds like another day of fun!

On the way back toward the interstate we stopped at the Del Monaco winery in Baxter TN.  The ladies working were super friendly.  I am a sweet wine girl so we tried all their sweet wines.  I couldn't find a single one that I didn't like.  We purchased a few bottles and I even got 10% off because it was my birthday.  What a nice surprise. 

It was an absolutely beautiful birthday.
I couldn't have asked for anything more.  


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